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I'm really enjoying this month's challenge to grow my blog - but do see it as much more than just a one month thing.  I have been taking action every day this month - and watching the results of that action is inspiring me and keeping me believing this blog will be part of my own business with an income before too long!

As with anything I do, I feel it's important to constantly be learning.  So I've been to the local libary and got a little light(?) reading:

The more I learn about blogging- the more I'm enjoying it.  I'm espeically enjoying being able to pass that knowledge onto others too!

I hope that there are some of my readers out there who are not just following my challenge and journey to grow my blog and make it profitable, but they are also growing their own blogs too!

Even once my June challenge month is over - I am going to continue to push my blog and keep on growing it. 
My blog is focussed on sewing, and creating, and I am settling into a good routine of posts during the week based on that.  But I will continue to keep my weekend posts about the blog itself, its growth and sharing things I am learning!
I hope people will continue to read these posts, and continue to share their own experiences and tidbits of knowledge - as you have so generously been doing this month! 

Ok - I'd best get stuck into those books!


  1. Looking forward to some good tidbits, Jill!

  2. This is exciting that things are coming along so well for you.
    Congratulations on sticking with it and putting so many actions intp play.

    June is a very full month around here with lots of distractions. It is hard to stick to any improvement program for the required twenty some days to build a routine.

  3. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for stopping by and following S.H.E.P.-I look forward to getting to know you!


  4. I haven't been trying to build my blog just yet, but I know to come back here for all the tips when I do get to that point!
    As always, thanks for all the tips. I didn't even know there were books written about blogging....

  5. Here's a book you should check out:
    Creating a Website - the missing manual by Matthew MacDonald

    It had some really great tips. Let me know what you think.

    ~ Mona : )
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