Blog stats providing motivation

Do you look at your blog stats very often?
I do!  I'm definitely a numbers girl, and always like to have a measurable goal to reach.  Not just on my blog but in many aspects of my life.

For example I love running, and one particular circuit I run sometimes is called the Blue Arrow - a track up some small hills near where we live here in Cairns. 
Last week I did the run in a record (for me) time - of 1 hour and 15 seconds!! A great time, but I must admit a bit frustrating to be so close to under 1hour!  Next time! It's a great goal for me to aim for, and will be a great sense of satisfaction when I get there!

So for me, numbers do provide motivation.

In trying to grow my blog this month, I've been watching my stats this month slowly creep up - which is great.  Until this month, my daily page views had been hovering around 400 - 500.  Then now that I've been taking action, they have gone up significantly.  I had a few days in the 900s! One at 992! so close to a nice round 1000!! Then a few days ago I went over 1000!! - just!  Which I was very excited about.
Of course my graph boundaries have now changed, so it looks like this now:

Which puts my new target at the top of this scale - 2000 page views a day! 

It's nice to have such a visible result from pushing my blog.

Google analytics gives me even more numbers to obsess over!    But I think we all need to see we're making progress when we put effort into something.

I'm also getting a great response from all you wonderful readers in your lovely comments!
It's nice to know I'm managing to pass on some useful information too!

A little progress report:

My numbers targets for the month of 20000 page views looks like it's on track (which will have doubled in a month!) - and 800 followers is also on track. (I've gained over 120 followers in just over 2 weeks which I'm pretty impressed with!!)

I am working hard at this, and hope I'm inspiring others too!
I'll keep on posting on what I'm learning and my progress!
Thanks for reading!



  1. Your stats are awesome, congratulations!

  2. I love looking at my stats...I look at them every time I look at my blog. Last week I had 700-900 views a day, but now I am back down to 200-300!

  3. Well done - hope you reach your goal!

  4. Great jpob on your blog. New follower. Would love a follow back at

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Congrats on your increasing web prints for your blog!

    My stats were in 300 region some 6 months back and have been in and around 800-1200 for past 6 months though my followers are only 201. My Tutorials @ Adithis Amma Sews get regular visitors, so i guess their patronage keeps me going.

    I do wish to get more followers though, as anyone who uses my tutorial if they come forward and become a follower i would be elated!

    adithis amma from AdithisAmmaSews

  6. New follower from meet me Monday blog hop.. Please follow back

  7. I love looking at my stats too and it's fun to see how much my numbers have grown. Quick question though... a couple months ago I installed Google Analytics. I've noticed that the Analytics stats for pageviews are less than half of what is reported in Blogger Stats. but those stats are consistently about half (or even less than half)of what is reported in my Blogger Stats. Any info as to why this would be? I could understand a slight difference, but it's majorly different, and I don't know which one is more accurate.

    Thanks for any insight!

    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  8. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    Laura -

    Yes, I've noticed the big difference between Google analytics and the blogger stats too. Unfortunately I think the lower one (same for me) is the Analytics. Recently on both of my blogs - I've found that there are some weird traffic sources listed on the blogger stats. When I've looked at them, I can see no links or even vague relevance to my site! so don't know where blogger has got that from! Google analytics seems pretty consistent though!


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