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At the beginning of this month of trying to grow my blog,I looked at Google Page Rank and how you can check your own websites rank.  Mine is a 1 out of 10, and I will be interested to see if that goes up as my blog grows.  Looking at other blogs, some have a lot more followers than me,but a 0 Google rank; then some have far fewer followers but a higher Google Rank.  It's hard to know what is important and what's not when looking at ranking.

For a few months now I've been part of the Picket Fence ranking.  With this blog, I have had the button in the sidebar, and I also put it on the bottom of each post, hoping my readers will click on it and vote for me.  (THANK YOU to everyone who does and has been voting!!)
However - I'm ranked around number 47, and have come to the conclusion that it doesn't benefit me in any way.  I never see any traffic coming from the ranking list - and what does a ranking of 47 out of 1541 blogs (who have chosen to join the picket fence in that category) actually mean?
Not a lot probably.  So I'm dropping that button from my blog!  Good to declutter unnecessary things! The button is on lots of my previous posts - so who knows, I may still get votes!

On the other hand, if I look at my other blog - Be Our Best- where my husband and I write about educational and parenting topics, we are ranked in the top ten, out of 257 blogs in that category. 
I think to have a button like this to display on that blog - does look good, and lends some credibility to our small blog. What do you think?

What other rankings are there?

There's technorati - where I'm ranked 21679!  (don't know what out of - but hopefully more than 21680!!). You have to submit your blog there to be ranked.

I just submitted my blog to  which I have only just found. It has an interesting list of top 100 Australian Blogs, showing feedburner, google rank, alexa rank, and technorati rank.  It's interesting to see that  I have a higher technorati rank than the number 1 blog! - but then his other stats are higher than mine!

Another button I've seen on some sites is Top Mommy Blogs, although I haven't joined them.

Have you submitted your blog to any ranking sites?  Do you ask people to vote for you?  Do you vote for others when you visit their site?  For what reasons? Do you vote because you like their blog content? Or because they asked you to? Or perhaps to gain another entry into a giveaway they are holding.

What do you think of any of these rankings? Do you know of any others? 
The more I look into it, the more confusing it seems to get.  But I guess submitting your blog to any new kind of search engine or ranking, is getting your blog out there and noticed by some more people, so there can't be any harm in it....

Tell me your thoughts - I'd love to know what people make of this topic!


  1. Hi, I get asked about my Alexa rank sometimes. There's an alexa toolbar you can download and it shows the rank of every page you visit. The lower the number the better - Google is 1. My blog is still in the millions (ack!) but yours is showing much better at 616,593.

  2. I second the Alexa ranking...and you can help other bloggers you like by visiting their blog with the Alexa toolbar up and running! You can also rate their blog (click through the Alexa button that some bloggers have on their page to show their rank.)

    I've heard that some platforms (e.g. Blogger) nets all blogs a set google page rank. I'm on Blogger at the moment, so it shows as a 3 of 10. I suspect moving to a self hosted blog would have me back at 0, but I could be wrong.

    Sometimes I need to remind myself that just because there are tons of different metrics, they need not demand too much of my time fretting over them.

  3. Hey! I found you at the Hop Along Friday Blog Hop and am glad I did, am a happy new follower :).

  4. Hi Jill, thanks for visiting my blog, so now I'm checking out yours! Great advice on this post, I haven't really gotten too deep into tracking and numbers....I know, I'm a 'Bad Blogger!' I'm going to check out a few you mentioned. Thanks again, cheers!

    Lotus Blu Mama

  5. Hi,thanks for following my blog. Visiting and following you back.
    Love your blog! Very interesting posts.

  6. Blog hopping! I am your new follower and would love for you to follow my blog.

  7. Hi Jill, i don't understand the ranking criteria till date so unable to say something. But yes i know a little thing about the google page ranks is that if you want your blog in the higher ranks then your "content" should be unique & to the point with nit much keyword stuffing.


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