Better photos on your blog - and a tutorial to show them off!

Last week I was looking for other platforms to make my tutorials available online.  One of the suggestions was - which I have since discovered is a fantastic site!  So many inspiring projects - and a great commuity of people there!  Posting my work there is also bringing another source of traffic here to my site, which is also great!

Another site suggested was Craftgawker.
I was also warned that your photos have to be really good for your work to be accepted here!

Sure enough, the first one I sent was rejected because the photo wasn't good enough!
This was the rejected photo, for my insulated lunch bags:

I thought this photo was quite nice!  Would it make a difference do you think if I brightened the colours a little?   That's about the extent of my computer photo editing so far!

Maybe? maybe not! I think the background is too busy to show off the bags!
  I need to take more care when I actually take the photos - as well as making use of photo editors on the computer too!

The next photo I submitted was accepted!
I hadn't edited this photo - but it was taken just after I discovered photos taken on our outdoor glass table had really good lighting!

I've decided that I will take more care with my photos from now on, having had one of my photos rejected- made me more aware of the importance of good pictures!


Aside from lighting, and editing software - I also learned how to add borders to my photos in my blog posts too!
I found the tutorial here at Design it Chic- along with more great tips and ideas for improving your blog!

Basically you just insert the photo as usual, then change to "Edit HTML" and find in your image where it says

You then replace that with:
style="border: 4px solid #C3C499;" 
This produces a greenish border like this: 

But I found a website, where you can look up the code for the exact colour border you want:

Simply find and replace the number after the # for the one you want like this one (Magenta):

Brilliant!! And so simple!

How about you?  Do you edit your photos before adding them to your blog?  What software do you use?  Have you found a great spot - or time of day to take photos? 
Do you have any tips or hints you can share?

Now having started to try harder with my photos - if you want to see some results -  check out my 
tutorial for another clothes upcycling project of mine!


  1. I went over and checked it out - lovely as always. And the photos are stunning - you are definitely putting your new skillz to good use!

  2. Excellent tips. I am bookmarking this.

  3. I've been trying to improve my photos lately too! I think the best improvements I've made so far are to use a plain white backdrop when possible and always use natural light. I edit a wee bit using Picnik - it's a very user friendly free online program.

  4. Another fantastic and interesting post thanks Jill. I will definitely be playing with those frames around the photos now...thanks for the info. Taking photos of my cards have slowly changed over time. I used to just take them anywhere, then on a wooden kitchen table, then on white paper in hopefully bright lighting. I have just seen on the net where someone has stuck four canvases (for painting) together to form a lightbox then have a lamp with a daylight bulb shining over the top. So I am in the process of trying this. Good luck with your photography.

  5. Craft gawker stems from the site "food gawker". I've been trying for months to get a photo accepted. Out of 52 submitted, only 5 have been accepted. I'm not even going to try it on the craft side. So don't be discouraged! You'll start to learn what they site likes, doesn't like ect. Good luck!

  6. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  7. How apt that your post today is about photos. I'm expecting delivery of my new camera today!

    Can't say that I have any tips to share, I don't think my photos are that good, especially when your bags hanging on the tree was rejected!

    I'm hoping I can set up a mini backdrop in my sewing room somewhere for photos of smaller items, and then I have to see about good lighting.... there are so many things to consider.

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  8. I always edit my photos these days. Since I'm taking them with my phone camera (simplyfying!) and our house is dark, I try to take them outside. For editing, I use GIMP and (which is simple and has a lot of fun functions to spice things up)

  9. That's good advice and our photos are so important. I hope you will link up some of your kids projects Sauturday at my kids sewing Linky, and the chicken sculpture was made by a local artist.

  10. That's good advice and our photos are so important. I hope you will link up some of your kids projects Sauturday at my kids sewing Linky, and the chicken sculpture was made by a local artist.

  11. I'm a new follower from the Hop! Great blog! I love the refashioning. Visit me at

  12. Wow - you're getting all fancy with your borders! Yep - keep the background simple me thinks - but I have always been a bit of plain jane type.
    Not sure that I want to head over to craftster... already the list of things I wanna make is so long -might be inspiration overload!!! ... ooooo - but so tempting to just take a quick peak?!?!?

  13. Thank you for stopping by my blog so I could find you! I absoloutely loves all your ideas (I am huge on recycling) and can't wait to come back when I have more time. I WILL be back. Following you from

  14. Thanks for the wonderful tips!

    Thanks for following me! I am following you back :)


  15. I don't do well with pictures either.

    Following. Simple Wyrdings

  16. Hello Jill, thanks for the kind words in my blog. :) I've followed your blog as well. The picture on my blog is me and my son Isaac. I'm glad you like it!

    I must say, I love your bags! Great work! You can never have too many lol.


  17. All my pictures have my fat thumb in them

  18. Hi Jill! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm returning the favor. You've got talent! Have a wonderful weekend! I am now your newest follower.

    xoxo, Amy

  19. Hey,

    Thanks for following me! I returned the favor! Great post, too! I'll definitely have to give this a try once I get my photography tab up and running! Thanks again!


  20. Hi!

    I am your Follower.
    I really like your blog! Great posts!
    Keep up the good work!
    Do visit my blog too and follow it if you like it!
    Have a Nice day, God Bless!


  21. Thank you for sharing the info. I always wondered how other sites put up the borders on the pictures. Now, I know & I will learn more about it. Thanks again!

  22. Hi Jill, I use Picasa ( a freebie download) to edit photos including adding borders and text. I did a series of posts recently on Picasa and what I do with it, in case you are interested.

  23. Jill, your insulated bags are very nice, but it is hard to look at bcuz the background is competing w/the bag - like you said, there's too much going on. Your bag made from shorts is pretty cool. You can also do photo boarders in the Template Layout of Design in your Dashboard.

  24. Cool! definitely lots of information. . great tips indeed. =)


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