Advertising on your blog

In my challenge this month to try to boost my blog and find away to make it into a profitable business, I decided that advertising on the blog is definitely worth looking at.

I have, as I can see many other people have, added Google Adsense adverts, and also some affiliate links, where if someone clicks on the link from my blog to buy something, then I will get a commission of the sale.

I've joined up with a couple of affiliate programmes like
Amazon,  Clixgalore and Clickbank
I've had them on my blog for a few months now with no success.  Is my traffic too small? or are the adverts not relevant enough? Possibly both..

There are more out there, so if you're thinking of adding some to your blog - I would google affiliate programmes and have a look around.
I found this site:

It has lots of hints and tips on how to maximise your website earnings...
It has a case study of a site that makes $100,000+ from advertising per month!  Wouldn't that be nice!
So how do they manage it?
 Well for a start they have 15,000,000 page views per month! That's basically 1000 times mine! (So I only have to grow my blog 1000 times bigger to get to their level!!! )

Anyway,the article is well worth reading - the site owner talks about the type of advertising he uses and what has worked for him and why.
He also recommends learning from others.  Always a good idea!

Anyway, I've looked at the advertising I had on my blog - and removed most of it as it's getting me nowhere!  People are clicking on the affiliate advertising,but not buying anything.
But really, since my philosophy and that of my blog and what I do, is 'why buy it if you can make it?'   So to then have advertising to try to get people to buy things isn't really too smart on my blog!

But INFORMATION!  I certainly click on adverts to get information - so perhaps if I narrow the ads down, then I'll be more successful!

I've left my adsense ads and just a couple of others - I do need to have something to measure if the revenue grows as my blog grows.

I have to say the google adsense, although still low, does get clicked on a bit, so hopefully that's worth keeping! I've also noticed that it produces adverts that are not only relevant to my blog content, but also sometimes adverts that reflect the google searches I've done on my computer recently!  So I assume the adverts can be quite specific to the reader of my blog.  Has anyone else noticed that on your own, or someone else's blog?

OK- something done today - advertising streamlined, and now I need to build traffic by 1000 times!! (ok - maybe that's setting my sites a little high for now!) anyway - grow my traffic to grow my clicks!

How about you?  Do you have advertising on your site?  Is it working for you?

I'll let you know if things improve as I grow my blog!


  1. Hi Jill, I love books so I have had a Fishpond affiliate from quite early on. The books that you see in my sidebar come from fishpond and I have made the only income from my blog on them. I also serve Nuffnang ads because they are Australian and I wanted that. I recently added an advertising page and last week got my first sponsor. I do have one google ad and two google affiliates - carefully chosen as "craft" related.

    I don't want advertising to overtake my blog, but I work hard on it and it'd be nice to have some income to cover the cost of hosting.

  2. Yeah, Google is clever/a bit scary like that. They track all the pages you go to whenever you are logged into a google programme (Gmail, Blogger etc) and use this info to tailor adverts to the reader.

    Good luck with the income generating. I've done this affiliate stuff before, it'll take a few goes at different retailers or specific links before you get it right but I'm sure you'll get there. Maybe change the specific books to things that are mentioned in each post. If you do a post on knitting, a learn to knit book or something like that, rather than generic to the whole blog.

    Craft and Cupcakes

  3. I was trying some advertising with Google adsense, Amazon affiliates, and escalante network. It was not working for blog. Just pennies really. So I decided to remove it all. Not worth it for me. It seemed like it was cluttering my page.

    Good luck though on your advertising. Realistically, I think 98 percent of bloggers just don't make real money on blogging. It takes A LOT of work. (More than I have right now.) It is a full time job to promote and to keep your blog up to date with relevant content.

    Enjoy your Sunday!
    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  4. You keep going, girl! I am proud of all you have accomplished already. I am learning more in these few short days already than I did from Build A Beautiful Blog week, hosted by people I admire. I am still working on my posts so I will have something to share this week.

    Of course now I am distracted and off to click some of your links...

  5. I'm really looking forward to your insights on growing your blog, as this is something that I would be interested too.

    I keep meaning to tell you that I finally got around to reading your top 10 blog tips and they were great!

    It's really hard to make a name for yourself out (re: your post about forums) but I have found that linking up around differnt places and leaving comments on other blogs has helped.

    Really looking forward to your month of posts! :)


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