Friday, May 27, 2011

Sweater refashions - Clothes upcycling challenge day 27

Phew! 27 days! I'm impressed at how much I've got through - my 'to be upcyled box' is almost empty - and I'm just finishing off the last couple of projects!
So while I do that, I thought I'd highlight a couple more of the fabulous ideas that people have linked up on the clothes upcycling page
It's almost winter here in Cairns - and this morning was a chillly 13C  (that's chilly for us!!) So I thought it would be fitting to show some of the sweater refashions linked up:

Next, a couple of sweater refashions from Domestic Deadline:

And here's the other one:

Who would've thought you could do so much with sweaters??

You are all amazing!  I've been so inspired by everyone who has linked up their projects - but please don't stop. This linky is open until the end of 2012 at this stage - so this great resource can keep on growing!

Just a few more days to go of my clothes upcycling challenge month. I hope you'll keep coming to see my last few projects - then to see what my challenge for June is!!!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Great projects! I love the ideas and inspiration. Thanks so much for the feature. It's my first time!


  2. Thanks so much for featuring my sweater restyle.

    I'm in such good creative company...great restyles/

    janet xox

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my pillows! They are still on my couch and oh so comfy to snuggle with!

  4. Those pillows are fabulous!!
    So are all the other features. Very cool!!

  5. Hey there! I am your newest follower from 'Boost my Blog'... loooving the upcycling ideas - I too have been trying to find creative ways to use the items I have in new ways. I am finding so much inspiration here! Thanks so much! Cheers!


  6. Very nice, love the flowers, can't get enough!!

    You can visit my blog here.

  7. Thanks for featuring my sweaters!


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