Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogger problems

Hi all

I'm afraid I can't post today's clothes upcycling project just now, as there seems to be big problems with Blogger today. As soon as it's fixed I will post again!
The old editor is working which is letting me type - but adding photos and links isn't working.

I do hope you'll come back soon and hopefully all will be well!
My next project is a bit of a different one from one of my daughter's old dresses!!
.........but you'll have to wait a bit!

Until then, could you click on my picket fence button in the sidebar to vote for me please? I was hoping for top 50 by my birthday on Saturday, and thanks to all your lovely votes I'm already there! How far can I go before I turn 38? Could I get to the same number as my age? or better??

Thank you!! and see you soon!


  1. Me too!

    I am going crazy. I had planned to do all my posts for the week today while the kiddies are at kindy.

    And my entire blog roll has been deleted.

  2. This happened to me yesterday! That's why I'm late linking to my link parties. tsk tsk tsk. The new editor is working now but it's still not letting me add photos :(

  3. I HATE when blogger does that to me! I voted for you though : ) Hope you get lots of votes today.


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