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How are you Creating your Way to Success? - Kate Pixley

My name is Kati and I am from The Multi-Purpose Life and the designer of Kate Pixley Designs I am a mom of two wonderful kids...I have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter, a hubby, a cat and a dog. We live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia (where the 2010 Winter Olympics were) and have a townhouse that we just moved into in February... As we moved I started searches on decorating ideas and then I fell in love with blogs... and thought I might just start one...(as well my son has apraxia of speech and I really wanted to tell our story to help other parents out there.)
This May my grandma from Alabama sent my mom shopping for the perfect sewing machine... and they surprised me with it and I think I surprised them when I came out with pillows and aprons as I haven't really ever sewed before...So I am learning and loving it. Here are some projects that I have loved making!!!
I just started this company over the summer and so far am LOVING IT!! Jill sent me this e-mail and I am thrilled to answer this!!!
· What do you create? (this could be a website, stories, crafts – anything)
I do everything from aprons, make-up bags, coffee cozies,tea towel holders to baby blankets, car seat covers and my all time favorite name pillows!!
Zipper Pouch

· Why do you create?
Oh wow... if I didn't create on a daily basis my mind stops working... I was diagnosed with ADD when I was a kid and always had to take medication. Once I let that creative part of me free I was able to stop medication and focus on less creative jobs (like my insurance job... oh I am also an insurance broker)
· Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?
YES YES AND YES... I love to sell and giveaway my product... I am really careful not to over charge, really all my prices are based on fabric choices... I want people to have my product and feel wonderful about owning a KPD. I mainly sell at craft fairs, I do have an online account with etsy, however, I don't find it profitable from etsy. I find that the local craft fairs and boutiques to be my best venue mainly because I don't sell just one product I sell about 20-25 different items.
· What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned?
Well I think I took too much on this Christmas and burnt myself out and I do think that was a big mistake, I have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things because I was working so much at Christmas... but at the same time I totally think that it was worth it.
· What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?
I don't in anyway need a million dollars, or the name brand purse... my goal in opening KPD was so that I could quit my insurance job and stay at home with my kids and raise them and play with them and live a more relaxed life style. If I can achieve that I will beleive that I am truly successful in what I am doing... it is my goal. I beleive I am on my way to success... I think this time next year I will be writting "How I quit my day job" so I am giving it my all this year to do that!!!
· So what's next?
HMMM.... well I love the idea of branching out into more baby items... so I would like to open my baby line... Full baby line because I have 4-5 items there by May. "Little Pix by Kate Pixley" and as well I have started Private Collections by Kate Pixley which makes it's debut in February. I did this because I wanted to offer my clients who have boutiques or LARGE orders the ability to have many made but where we design the item together and where I don't sell it to anyone eles. Their store is the only one who will have it... I loved this feature!!! So the new year offers a lot of new products and a lot of potential growth!!!
Thank you so much for having me... this was my first question answer so if you want to know more or have any other questions let me know I would be so pleased to answer them!


Oh thanks so much Kate!  Great answers, and I'm sure your successful little business will keep growing until it can support you and your lovely family!!  Good luck with it all and  I'm looking forward to keeping up with your journey!

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  1. I enjoyed learning more about Kati!!

    By the way, Kati, I also started blogging as a way to share our apraxia story, too.


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