Monday, June 7, 2010

A Round Tuit (2)

Tuits are very hard to come by, especially the round ones. For years people have been saying, "I'll do it as soon as I get a round tuit". Well now you can have one of your very own, and all those jobs that have needed doing will finally get done!

I began using my very own 'Round Tuit' last week with pledging to tidy up my recipe book - an old hardback notebook stuffed full of scraps of paper and recipes from magazines.  A job, I must add that has been needing done for several years!!

I'm delighted to say that my 'Round Tuit' worked!! And I got the job done!  Not only that, the book itself only took about 1 hour!, so it kind of morphed into a crafting project, and it went from this:

To this:.......

I pulled out a pretty waistcoat that belonged to my husband's grandmother.  Although I loved the material, I knew I'd never actually wear it myself, and so it's been in a box in the cupboard for years.  Now at least it's getting used!!

First I gathered my materials:

Then I made a simple cover for the recipe book (I'm going to post a simple tutorial for this tomorrow):

Which has handy pockets in the front and the back to slip in new cuttings where they will await trial by cooking or baking before being stuck into the book:

Having finished that, I still had plenty of material left... and turning round I saw this on my kitchen bench:

I'm very bad at just dumping things there - keys, phone, the mail.. and I like to have a notepad and pen to jot down my shopping list and other important notes.  It always ends up very messy! So I set to work and made....

A notebook holder, with pockets for pens, letter and notes. I can then fold this closed making it easy to tidy my junk out of the way!

Plus one of my storage JeMs (which I must admit to a bit of an obsession with) to hold my phone and keys:

And another, just because I wanted to, using the fabric inside out, which was a fabulous gold colour. It's the perfect size for holding those important kitchen utensils!

 So there you have it!  A successful first week using my Round Tuit!


This week I'm going to turn my attention to my sewing corner, which is a bit....erm....higgelty piggelty:


So my task this week is to get around to making some sort of order of this!!


If you want to play along, and get something done, you've been putting off... it could be anything, from organising a drawer, to mending and fixing, to a random crafty project ,...anything, just get it done!!
Then feel free to link up your post, and grab your very own Round Tuit button:

I'd love to see all your projects!! And next Monday, I'll post the results of my sewing corner makeover!!


  1. I think I will do my sewing closet also this week! I'll post some pictures of my sewing areas tomorrow and begin! This was a great idea!

  2. I love your solution to the recipe book! And the material is fabulous! Can't wait to see what you are going to do in the sewing room/nook!!

  3. Woohoo, I linked up! I added your new button to my blog. =)

  4. Thank you for your comment on the PirateCon! It was indeed fun, although a littl warm... I love the round storage jar, very pretty!

  5. Great ideas!!! New follower from TTA (okay, yes it is still Monday where I am, but I can't sleep).

  6. You just inspired me to organize something! Stopping by from Tuesday Tag Along. I am your newest follower!

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  8. Here from TTA
    Love your blog!

    Hope you'll come check mine out

  9. Oh, dear you should see my knitting and crochet corner. I did tidy it up a few months ago but I keep adding to the stash. Perhaps if I let it expand some more my family will give me the whole living room....Following you from Tuesday Tag Along. It's still Tuesday here..

  10. Im here following your blog from Tuesday tag along. Hope you can follow mine too.

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