Monday, June 28, 2010

A Round Tuit (5)

Tuits are very hard to come by, especially the round ones. For years people have been saying, "I'll do it as soon as I get a round tuit". Well now you can have one of your very own, and all those jobs that have needed doing will finally get done!

Two of the biggest things I get out of blogging are INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION.  I have decided to combine these two in a linky party where everyone gets to inspire and motivate each other.  I have had my own 'round tuit' for several weeks now, and am happy to say that it is helping me get things done.  So far I have tidied up my recipe book and made organisers for my kitchenreorganised my sewing corner - complete with new storage containers,  completed a long overdue pile of mending and fixing, and this last week, made some things up for the kids to keep them amused during our impending driving / camping trip. 

I repaired and made a set of hanging pockets for the back of the car seats:

A couple of neck pillows in case the girls want to have a nap on one of our long drives:

They can have their insulated lunch bags (made a few weeks ago - tutorial here) in the centre with drinks and snacks.

And the bag you can see in the centre, hangs over the central headrest, but they can easily lift out when we arrive at our destination each day.  It has 2 pockets in the front for tissues and their MP3 player, and I've already popped in a clipboard each with some sticker and colouring books.

I will fill the bag and pockets with some more little surprises before we set off, and hopefully there'll be enough things there to keep them amused for the duration of the car part of the holiday!!




  1. ok, i know i need to add the button to my party link, but i wanted to show you some support first and foremost. have an excellent time mean outside? with bugs? and no toilets? lol. it looks like you thought of everything, so the kids should be ready. have a great time!!

  2. Wow!! You are definitely ready to travel with your little ones!! Have a great trip!
    And a safe one

  3. Oh wow!!! Those are all really great. I really like the lunch bags. Thanks for swinging by. I'm your newest follower.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  4. That's it. I want you to adopt me and take me on road trips. I would love being a child and having all my stuff for entertainment AND a nap right at hand!


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